Boarding - Cats

Boarding Rates:


$16 per day single cat

$22 per day for two (same family)

$27 per day (same family)


Our cat room is entirely private and away from the dogs.

Cats stay in a variety of different cages, depending on their age, temperament and climbing ability.

We can provide everything from quiet floor-level cages with heated floors for old-timers that can no longer jump, to a 7' wide, ceiling-high cat condo for multiple cat families with multiple levels to explore.

Cat owners are encouraged to bring objects from home to help their cat transition to the kennel. Blankets, towels, your old shirt, or of course, cat toys!

Vaccination Requirements:

You must supply proof of vaccinations from your veterinarian's office. Cats must be current on:



Feline Distemper


We will administer medications if your cat is on a prescription, including insulin.

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