Applewood Kennels - Where smart pets stay & play!

At Applewood Kennels, you can leave your pet knowing they're being
cared for like family!  We create a homey, relaxed atmosphere where pets
enjoy their stay!  We provide clean roomy runs, plenty of exercise time
in secure outdoor play areas, a separate cat room, plus lots of TLC! 
Heated tile floors and air conditioning keep furry friends comfortable
year round, and soft music soothes 24 hours a day.

We live on the premises...your pet is part of our lives from early
morning to the last late-night check.  Our convenient location is just
one mile east of US 31, so we're easy to find, an a short drive from
Ludington, Pentwater and Silver Lake.

Roomy, clean runs and divided boarding rooms allow us to group dogs by temperament, so more outgoing dogs can stay with each other,
and those who like a little more quiet time will get it. 

 Our Menu of additional
services includes walks
around our nature trail,
raised cot rentals, exit baths,
nail trims and more! 
All designed to make your
dog feel pampered.

    Dogs get 4 daily exercise sessions in roomy runs that surround our building.
               The runs are dig proof and allow for safe socialization.

Cats have their own room
with plenty of vertical climbing
for active cats and roomy
places to lounge for seniors.

                         All dogs receive a complementary wipe down bath
                 before leaving so they arrive home smelling fresh and clean!  



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