Applewood Kennels - Where smart pets stay & play!

Boarding Details for Dogs:

Boarding Rates:

             $17/ day single dog
             $27 / day for two
              additional discounts for multiple dogs

Vaccination Requirements:

You must supply proof of vaccinations from your veterinarians office.   Dogs must be current on:

Kennel Cough (Bordatella)

Applewood Kennels provides stainless steel food dishes and water pails.  We feed Pedigree Mealtime dry food, but you are welcome to bring your dog's own food if you choose.  Blankets or beds, crates or anything else that smells like home to make your dog's stay more comfortable are encouraged.   

We will administer medications if you dog is on a prescription, including insulin.

Dogs are kept in runs, with larger family size runs for multiple dogs from the same home.  We never mix dogs from different families together. 

Floors are heated, and air conditioning keeps our facility comfortable year round...just like at home.  

Menu of Additional Services:

To make your dog's stay even more fun, we offer a menu of additional services.   These include rental of a raised cot, walks on our mowed nature trail, exit baths, nail trimming and more.    Let us know upon check-in, and we will be sure to include these services during their stay.

                                 Skipper likes to get tucked in at night! 

Mikey & Jeeves getting a little wild during playtime!
                     Mikey & Jeeves getting a little wild during playtime!
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